A Tree of Warblers

Audrey Zapp* Drive runs east-west along the northern part of Liberty State Park in Jersey City. A gravel path south of the street follows the low fence that cuts off the public park from the closed interior section. The tree line along this fence is known for being a good place to see various types of sparrows, thrushes, kinglets, vireos, and warblers. Thre trees aren’t very tall (expecially compared to those in other “birdy” areas of the park) so often they afford better views than what can be seen elsewhere. The following photos were all taken of warblers feeding in one black cherry tree on Saturday, May 14th. The highlight were at least four Cape May Warblers (a species I’ve never seen outside of–you guessed it–Cape May) who were flitting about, often at eye-level.

*Named for environmentalist Audrey Zapp (1925-2012), known as the “Godmother” of Liberty State Park